Jackie Robinson: A Man Beyond Baseball

Research and writings dedicated to the life of Jackie Robinson have generally focused on his achievements in the realm of baseball. In most of these works, Robinson’s success in breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball is exposed to heighten his contribution to humanity beyond that of a mere athlete. This is not an adequate approach to the study of Robinson’s humanitarian achievements. The focus of this research paper includes and extends beyond baseball to include other aspects of Robinson’s contribution to humanity. It will be shown that Robinson learned at a young age to face adverse situations and fight to create a positive result; a tool he would use throughout his life. Through the utilization of this tool he would be groomed to become the man to break the color barrier in Major-League Baseball. During this period and beyond Robinson’s passion for helping people will be exposed to show his contribution to humanity in the areas of politics, business, civil rights, and charity. The combination of all of these achievements will show that a deeper contribution to humanity was made by Robinson. A contribution beyond that of just baseball which would lead to a legacy that continues to make an impact today.
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How To Apply To College

Have a plan before you start the ball rolling. What will be you educational path? At most colleges you can remain an undeclared major while you complete your core courses (e.g. Math, English, Science, etc.). However, you need to take full responsibility in shaping your educational path.

Every class you take needs to get you one step closer to your degree. Decide what you want to do for a career, and then decide what degree will help you be the most successful in that career.
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