Welcome to Students Again

Welcome to the Students Again website. This site is devoted to helping college students from application to graduation with a special focus on non-traditional students. In other words, those of us who are not attending college immediately after completing high school. The main focus of this site is to help non-traditional students be successful in higher education. However, many traditional college students will surely find useful information by navigating the pages of this site.

 Information Available On This Site

This site will provide as much useful information as possible for all students. There are three main stages of students: 1) New Students – Those who are just beginning to explore the idea of attending or returning to school. 2) Current Students – Those who have made the leap, but are still fairly new to the educational system. 3) Seasoned Students – Those who are well into there college career. As you navigate the pages of this site many topics will be covered. The most useful information to you will depend on what stage you are in as a student.

New Students – Thinking Of Returning (Or Starting) College

For those of you at this stage all of the information on this site will be useful. However, in this early stage of your college career there are probably some particular topics that will interest you. Some of the topics of interest will include: How to apply to college? How to apply for and obtain financial aid? When to talk to an academic adviser and what to discuss? How to prepare and what to expect in your first semester?

Current Students – I Took A Class Or Two… But I am Still Fairly New To All Of This

Students who have successfully navigated all that was required to begin their college career might be interested in other topics. How should I study for exams? How should I take notes in class? What resources are available to help me be a successful student? All of these questions and more are covered on this site.

Seasoned Students – I Know What It Takes To Be A Student…What Do You Have For Me?

Even if you are a seasoned student, i would suggest that you review some of the information geared towards the current student category. There is always room for improvement and some of this information can even help the seasoned student. I mean, just about everyone could use a little brushing up in their study and note-taking skills. However, as a seasoned student you will probably spend most of your time looking for help with a particular topic. For seasoned students this site contains a wealth of information on various educational disciplines. Having trouble with your math homework? Missing notes from your comparative politics class? Need a study guide for American history class? Need to know correct MLA style for an English paper you are writing? You get the idea, there are many resources for the seasoned student to help with homework, notes, study guides, discussion topics, and more!


***WARNING: This site is not available or designed to facilitate academic dishonesty. You will not find any work referencing a particular assignment, exam, etc. from a particular course at a particular school during a particular semester…The sections located in each educational category are examples only. It is highly unlikely that you will find information on this website that will complete your work for you, but you will find information that will help you complete your own work. All of the information on this site is available to help you further understand a subject or give you ideas on how to progress in doing your own work. In other words, don’t steal the information on this site and try to make it fit your assignment, exam, etc.! Bottom line, you will likely get caught and possibly expelled from your university…is it worth it???

A Message For All Other Visitors That Are Just Interested In Learning Something

Even if you are not a student affiliated with an educational institution you will find some fascinating information on the pages of this site. Essentially, we are all students whether it is for a grade or not! If your just interested in learning something new feel free to explore the site. Read papers on history, politics, food, culture, and more. Or, figure out how to calculate standard deviation or convert a base-10 number to base-4. Or, learn about financial accounting and take advantage of its many practical uses. Or, learn the basics of the C programming language and start writing your own computer software. The list goes on and on and on.

Now let’s get to the learning!